Please note, the below images are just a sample of the products and services by Pearl Dental Ceramics. Please contact us with any specific requirements where one of our friendly staff will be pleased to assist you.

Porcelain Bonded Bridge - A variety of dentine & enamel porcelains are used to create our bridgework.
Porcelain Bonded Bridge
Crown Selection - A wide range of all ceramic restorations are available.
Crown Selection
Diagnostic Wax Up - Diagnostic wax up available to help with treatment plans.
Diagnostic Wax Up
Posterior PBC's - Natural character on all restorations
Posterior PBC’s
Anterior PBC's - Full texture to harmonise with surrounding dentition
Anterior PBC’s
Trios - Fully digital solutions available
Porcelain Department - Creating beautiful smiles in the porcelain studio
Porcelain Department
Porcelain build up technique - Creativity at our fingertips
Porcelain build up technique
Crown & bridge work - Wide range of crown and bridgework available
Crown & bridge work
Implant Bridge - Pearl Dental offer all of the major implant systems
Implant Bridge
Danny and Martin - Danny & Martin are always available for friendly advice
Danny and Martin
The Team - Pearl Dental's highly skilled team are ready for your most challenging cases
The Team
Crowns - Demo crowns are available for surgery use
Private Plus - We have the knowledge & skills to produce beautiful smiles
Private Plus
e.max - Milled & pressed e.max crowns/inlays are all guaranteed
All Ceramic - Strength & beauty combined with our full range of metal free options
All Ceramic
Digital Design - The secret is in the planning!
Digital Design
Technique - Working together to achieve superb results